Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Please do not use this Website or Our Services if you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions.
  • You are not permitted to access or use this Website or Our Services if you are under the legal age of consent for your respective district.
  • You understand and accept that to purchase any of our goods or services available on this Website or elsewhere, you must be of legal age
  • By making an order and/or payment you agree that these terms and conditions have been read and understood. Such terms and conditions, which shape the whole agreement between you and Expertsforonlineclass.com, are also legally binding.

Our Services

By making the order and/or charge, you can only purchase the Item for Your use. All Products are drawn up by freelance experts who transferred to the Company all rights and assets concerning the Products. All Goods are non-refundable and come, stated or implied, without warranty. Before sending any order and/or payment to this Website, you are expected to read these Terms and Conditions.

Refund Policy

It is critical that you read and understand the refund policy carefully, so that you are fully aware of the rights and restrictions controlled by the Expertsforonlineclass.com policy. We only give refunds in exceptional situations and subject to strict conditions.

Incompetent Delivery:

Once the work has been completed, consumers are only allowed to demand a refund until they have exhausted all of the comprehensive options as set out below;

  • If it does not meet the criteria of a project (as requested / documented by the client).
  • We are committed to delivering 100 percent satisfaction to our customers and offering unlimited revisions to ensure the quality is up to the mark. To ensure full satisfaction we delegate, re-assign and rewrite your jobs. Book FREE Pages for the future, but with the same interest and at any time you can access them. If we are still unable to deliver what you have ordered, the refund will be issued on a fixed percentage by mutual agreement (but only in situations where the delivery is totally off the mark)

Late Delivery:

We believe in "On Time Delivery," but if we fail to deliver the requested service on time for some reason, after at least three attempts to contact us, your refund will be processed until documentary evidence shows that the late delivery was the responsibility of the company.

Refund Time Frame:

  • Refunds have to be received within 120 days of receipt. Refunds reported shall not be entertained after the set time limit.
  • All consumers must take note of the time limit for requesting a refund when making an order.

Cases Where Refund Will Not Be Issued:

  • In the event of late delivery due to minor technical errors such as spelling, printing, word count, missing references etc., refunds will be issued with mutual agreement and only partial refund or discounts reserved for future transactions will be agreed by the client.
  • Company will not be responsible for any delay arising from the end of the client.
  • Upon the basis of low writing no refund will be given.
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